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Injury scores and locomotor disorders of Holstein cows in a free-stall facility with different beds

Daiane Cecchin, Alessandro Torres Campos, Maria de Fátima Ávila Pires, Francine Aparecida Sousa, Pedro Ivo Sodré Amaral, Tadayuki Yanagi Junior, Suane Alves Ferreira, Myriam Cristiane Morais Souza, Diego Cecchin

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The aim of the present study was to evaluate hock and knee injuries and locomotor disorders in 36 multiparous Holstein cows confined in a free-stall model system with two types of beds at Embrapa Dairy Cattle in the city of Coronel Pacheco / MG. Rubber composite beds and sand beds were compared and the hock and knee injuries and locomotor disorders were assessed for severity scores. There was no difference between the scores or hock lesions observed at the beginning and end of the trial period for knee injuries in both beds. The two beds offer the same conditions of comfort, injury rates, and hull health, at least in the short term.


welfare, confinement, rural buildings, hock


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