Journal of Animal Behaviour and Biometeorology
Journal of Animal Behaviour and Biometeorology
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Physiological variables of equines remaining of the Northeastern Horse breed used in cattle handling

Tobyas Maia de Albuquerque Mariz, Jéssyka Emmanuelly Silva dos Santos, Pierre Barnabé Escodro, Carolyny Batista Lima, Anailton Carlos Alves de Almeida, Maria Juciara Silva Teles Rodrigues, Dorgival Morais de Lima Júnior, Wenne Kelly dos Santos

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The aim of this study was to analyse the physiological parameters of horses remnants of the Nordestino Horse breed used in cattle handling in the caatinga bioma, before and after the working activity. 16 castrated males were used. The animals were evaluated in two stages: At the begin and after the cattle handling. Heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature on the rump, side, scapula, neck and mean surface temperature were verified. The experimental design was a completely randomized with two treatments and 16 replications, and the values were submitted to analysis of variance and mean test (Tukey at 5% probability). Except for respiratory frequency and surface temperature of the rump, there was no statistical difference (P <0.05), in all the other variables, which increased its average value after performing the cattle handling. The Nordestino Horse breed showed to be well adapted to cattle handling in the caatinga bioma.


horse, native breed, genetic resource

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