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Effect of different lighting sources on the performance of broiler breeder hens

Ahmed S. Soliman, Mohamed A. Khafaga, Farid N. Soliman, Karim M. El-Sabrout

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The present study aimed to evaluate the effects of using light-emitting diode (LED) lamps versus incandescent/tungsten (Inc) bulbs on broiler breeder hens’ productive performance during the brooding and rearing periods (25 weeks), as well as the first 15 weeks of production. A total of 46600 one-day-old Arbor Acres Plus breeder chicks were placed in eight enclosed houses and randomly/evenly divided into two groups (four houses for each group): birds raised under yellow LED lighting, and birds raised under orange Inc lighting. Several traits have been studied to determine productive performance, including body weight at different ages, body weight gain, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio, mortality rate, uniformity, age and weight at sexual maturity, egg number, egg production rate, egg number per bird, egg weight, and egg mass. According to the findings, using LED lighting instead of Inc lighting during the rearing period resulted in a significant improvement in all studied traits, and this positive effect continued until the production period, yielding excellent results for all studied production traits. LED lighting proved to be an effective source of lighting in broiler breeders’ houses.


Arbor Acres Plus breeder, egg production, LED, mortality, uniformity, welfare


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