Journal of Animal Behaviour and Biometeorology
Journal of Animal Behaviour and Biometeorology


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Research Article
Bio-ecological study of the water mites (Acari: Hydracarina) of the pond of El-Goureate in the National Park of El-Kala (North-East of Algeria) Samia Messikh, Samir Djemli, Abdelkrim Tahraoui Research ArticleOpen Access
Concentrate supplementation on milk yield, methane and CO2 production in crossbred dairy cows grazing in tropical climate regions Robles Jimenez Lizbeth Esmeralda, Xochitemol Hernandez Arni, Benaouda Mohammed, Osorio Avalos Jorge, Corona Luis, Castillo Gallegos Epigmenio, Castelan Ortega Octavio Alonso, Gonzalez-Ronquillo Manuel Research ArticleOpen Access
Effects of weather and other factors on milk production in the Churra dairy sheep breed Manuel González-Ronquillo, José-Alfonso Abecia, Ricardo Gómez, Carlos Palacios Research ArticleOpen Access
Effect of different rearing condition on early age in the maze, open-field, and aversive behaviours in the dairy cow during the first lactation Jan Broucek, Michal Uhrincat, Peter Kisac, Anton Hanus Research ArticleOpen Access
Biophysical indicators of the heat stress in Nellore bulls under high solar radiation Mateus Medeiros dos Santos, João Batista Freire Souza-Junior, João Paulo Araújo Fernandes de Queiroz, Thibério de Souza Castelo, Leonardo Lelis de Macedo Costa Research ArticleOpen Access


The role of behavioral, autonomous, and adaptive processes in rodent thermoregulation Maiko Roberto Tavares Dantas, João Batista Freire Souza-Junior Mini-ReviewOpen Access

Review Article
Thermal homeostasis in the newborn puppy: behavioral and physiological responses Brenda Reyes-Sotelo, Daniel Mota-Rojas, Julio Martínez-Burnes, Adriana Olmos-Hernández, Ismael Hernández-Ávalos, Alejandro Casas-Alvarado, Nancy José, Jocelyn Gómez, Patricia Mora-Medina Review ArticleOpen Access
Animal and vegetation biodiversity of Moroccan Wetlands: a review of current knowledge and priorities for future research and conservation Said El Falah, Ismail Mansouri, Wafae Squalli, Driss Ousaaid, Abdelbari El Agy, Mohamed Dakki Review ArticleOpen Access

J Anim Behav Biometeorol

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