Journal of Animal Behaviour and Biometeorology
Journal of Animal Behaviour and Biometeorology


Volume 4, Issue 2, 2016 (April)

4(2), 2016 (April)

Research Article

Fuzzy modeling as a tool for the prediction of daily weight gain in broiler chickens Guilherme Farias Tavares, Leonardo Schiassi Research ArticleOpen Access
Acoustic environment from fattening pigs building – creating and propagating of noise Marie Sistkova, Petr Bartos, Jan Broucek, Antonin Dolan, Ivo Celjak Research ArticleOpen Access
Genetic and phenotypic trends of fertility traits for Holstein dairy population in warm and temperate climate Rabie Rahbar, Mehdi Aminafshar, Rohullah Abdullahpour, Mohammad Chamani Research ArticleOpen Access
Feed sorting of beef cattle in a feedlot fed different forages and housed in individual or collective pens Sergio Antonio Schwartz Custodio, Flavio Lopes Claudio, Estenio Moreira Alves, Guido Calgaro Júnior, Tiago do Prado Paim, Eduardo Rodrigues de Carvalho Research ArticleOpen Access

Review Article

Heat stress and its influence on hormonal physiology of small ruminants Maycon Rodrigues da Silva, Bonifácio Benicio de Souza, Luiz Junior Guimarães, Diego Figueiredo da Costa, Ediane Freitas Rocha, Diego Vagner de Oliveira Souto, Elisângela Maria Nunes da Silva Review ArticleOpen Access

J. Anim. Behav. Biometeorol.

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